Welcome to The Rutledge Perspective Podcast! I started this podcast to talk about the revelations I had during my corporate career and as I’ve been building my business. Revelations about showing up. Insights about stepping into your power by being REALLY CLEAR about who you are, where you are, what you want and what it’s going to take to get there. The goal is for YOU to know that you are absolutely not alone. And that you always have a choice.

The episodes are short and sweet and deep enough to give you something to ponder. There are also interviews with some amazing women who have incredible stories and great advice for you. So whether your are building a business or building a career (not mutually exclusive), this podcast is for you. And if you are in your sweet spot, it’s still for you! Subscribe to the podcast, give us a rating, send me some comments (I really do use them for the development and improvement of content). Thank you for listening!

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Interview with Jen Marples

Interview with Jen Marples Some times you have to break it all the way down in order to build it back up! My guest reached a point where she realized the people most important to here were not getting the best of her. And that was unacceptable. But bre …

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Community is Power

Community is Power What does it really mean to be in community? It means serving in a way that can harness collective energy to make a bigger impact. Community is about connection. Communities tend to exist to support and uplift their members and creat …

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Sister Circle: A Safe Space to Chat n Chill

Sister Circle: A Safe Space to Chat n Chill Sometimes you just need to be around black women. The story that black women don’t support each other is a myth. The story that we are infinitely strong and resilient is also a lie. Sometimes, you need to lay …Read More

The Fierce Five: Common Connections

The Fierce Five: Common Connections In this second installment of the WHM2022 series, you will meet my Fierce Five! These are the women who came into my life during transitions. High School to College. International grad School. Post grad school work. …Read More

Friends For Life: Shared Beginnings

Friends For Life: Shared Beginnings Launching Women’s History Month with a conversation with 4 women who were the first members of my Village. We have known each other since we were a twinkle in our mothers’ eye. And this conversation is about how thos …Read More

Just Ask the Question

Just Ask the Question We have not because we ask not. But at some point during our careers, it becomes taboo to ask questions. At least questions to gain clarity or to ask for help. Yet, its that lack of clarity or determination to do it ourselves that …Read More

Interview with Janice Sutherland

Interview with Janice Sutherland Sometimes what we avoid like the plague is the very thing that hits dead center in our sweet spot. As the first black female CEO of a Technology company in Antigua & Barbuda, Janice carried a certain prestige. B …Read More

The Productivity Trap

The Productivity Trap What do we mean when we talk about productivity? And how do we measure it for ourselves? Is just checking off all the things being productive? Are all the things necessary or aligned with where we are going? If not, then why are w …Read More

The Art of Perseverance

The Art of Perseverance Perseverance is not always gut wrenching pain, but it is usually uncomfortable. By definition, it is overcoming despite challenges, obstacles and failures. But perseverance also shows grit and determination to get to the stated …Read More

Where Focus Goes…

Where Focus Goes… Having “LASER focus” isn’t necessarily all it’s cut out to be. That myopic state of being can prevent us from taking in information that is necessary to achieve the desired goal. Instead, try just blurring the background like in a p …Read More

You Gotta Do YOU

You Gotta Do YOU Your vision of what you want and how you want to do it is PERFECT! You know what you want to deliver. You know where your gifts are and how you want to utilize them. The challenge is getting support in the execution of the what. Why? B …Read More

Believe It’s Possible

Believe It’s Possible What would happen if you believed deeply that what you wanted were possible? When we doubt the possibility, we leave room for comparison to everyone else’s achievements – or at least what they let us see of them. But if we get sol …Read More

Words without Behavior are Dead

Words without Behavior are Dead I’m not sure when the selection of an annual word started. I’m sure I was late to the party whenever it was. After having selected words for a few years, what has become evident is that it’s not the word that’s the drivi …Read More

Your Ripple Effect

Your Ripple Effect Have you thought lately about how your actions can impact far beyond your immediate visions or knowledge? Your actions indeed have a ripple effect. What’s amazing is that the ripples can reach farther than we even know and impact peo …Read More