Welcome to The Rutledge Perspective Podcast where we help you get out of your rut or talk you back off the ledge. Surviving corporate America any career choice, for that matter, is not easy, but it is doable with the right tools and insights. Using my expertise in human resources and consulting, I have curated content to address challenges that arise in the career and leadership space. We will discuss topics like knowing who is really in your corner, having the courage to speak out when something just isn’t right, investing in your own development with or without corporate sponsorship, choosing your words carefully and many other topics. I will also interview some interesting regular people who have made it through successfully. Life is way too amazing to be stuck in confusion and misery! Subscribe to the podcast, give us a rating, send me some comments (I really do use them for the development and improvement of content). Thank you for listening!

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You Gotta Do YOU

You Gotta Do YOU Your vision of what you want and how you want to do it is PERFECT! You know what you want to deliver. You know where your gifts are and how you want to utilize them. The challenge is getting support in the execution of the what. Why? B …

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Believe It’s Possible

Believe It’s Possible What would happen if you believed deeply that what you wanted were possible? When we doubt the possibility, we leave room for comparison to everyone else’s achievements – or at least what they let us see of them. But if we get sol …

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Words without Behavior are Dead

Words without Behavior are Dead I’m not sure when the selection of an annual word started. I’m sure I was late to the party whenever it was. After having selected words for a few years, what has become evident is that it’s not the word that’s the drivi …

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Presence or Power

Presence or Power Is being “influential” enough to cause systemic change? You can increase your influence by increasing your presence and being seen everywhere. BUT does mere presence carry enough power to create sustainable change? According to Rashad …Read More

Earning a Living AND Serving Others

Earning a Living AND Serving Others Our guest this week has found a way to successfully earn a living AND serve others at the same time. Author, TV Show Creator and Songwriter Lisa Caprelli left a thriving marketing business to follow her passion and f …Read More

Good Intentions. Bad Impact.

Good Intentions. Bad Impact. What we intend isn’t always what happens. But what with do with that unexpected outcome is what matters. If we justify or explain, we ignore or negate how our actions have impacted others and we have a hard time processing …Read More

Is It Proper Planning or Paranoia?

Is It Proper Planning or Paranoia? Sometimes we can plan ourselves right into failure. Why? Because we get so caught up in making sure the plan is perfect and all-encompassing that we have a hard time letting go. Instead of giving ourselves the grace o …Read More

Moving Forward When Bad Things Happen

Moving Forward When Bad Things Happen Surviving trauma is something most of us, if not all of us, unfortunately have to learn. This week’s guest talks about not only surviving, but thriving, after bad things happen. Based in the UK, Claudine Charles sh …Read More

Hi! My Name is EMOTION. What’s Yours?

Hi! My Name is EMOTION. What’s Yours? Having and showing emotion is not a bad thing. Emotions are a part of being human. It is only when those emotions lead us to feelings of constant persecution that they become a challenge. Not every “no” is a judgme …Read More

Brave Beginnings with guest Kyndra Crump

Brave Beginnings with guest Kyndra Crump Sometimes the bravest thing we can do when we’re taking those first steps in our journey is to keep going. Kyndra Crump, a comedian and instagram show host is getting ready to head back to college to pursue anot …Read More

Get Still So You Can Hear

Get Still So You Can Hear The thing about being “busy” is it keeps you from being still. And if you are never still, you can’t hear the message you really need to hear. The busyness can keep us in action and in frustration because we are busy and activ …Read More

Yes! Your Skills are Transferable

Yes! Your Skills are Transferable Why do we take ourselves out of the running before we even start? What is it about us that makes us unsuitable for that thing we are pursuing? NOTHING. The problem is that we don’t take the time to review, understand, …Read More