Welcome to The Rutledge Perspective Podcast where we help you get out of your rut or talk you back off the ledge. Surviving corporate America any career choice, for that matter, is not easy, but it is doable with the right tools and insights. Using my expertise in human resources and consulting, I have curated content to address challenges that arise in the career and leadership space. We will discuss topics like knowing who is really in your corner, having the courage to speak out when something just isn’t right, investing in your own development with or without corporate sponsorship, choosing your words carefully and many other topics. I will also interview some interesting regular people who have made it through successfully. Life is way too amazing to be stuck in confusion and misery! Subscribe to the podcast, give us a rating, send me some comments (I really do use them for the development and improvement of content). Thank you for listening!

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Your Gifts Have Value

Your Gifts Have Value You have spent lots of resources preparing yourself to deliver – time, money, energy. Blood, sweat, tears. And yet, it is awkward or seems out of integrity to ask someone to invest in or with you. Why? Because what’s missing is th …

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Inspiration Is A Gift

Inspiration Is A Gift You never know who is watching! We often inspire people from afar – without ever even knowing it. And we are inspired by people whose stories we hear but who we never meet. What we forget to do sometimes is figure out how to inspi …

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Happy YOU Year 2021

Happy YOU Year 2021 It is time to take off. It is time to celebrate what is to come. It is time for 2021! After a  year of madness all around we have made it to the next level. And, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready. Let’s use what we have learned …Read More

Reflection and Celebration Part 3: Christmas Eve Eve

Reflection and Celebration Part 3: Christmas Eve Eve What a year. As we end our month of reflection and celebration, I want to celebrate all we have learned and all we have experienced. I want to celebrate our strength and our resilience. And I want to …Read More

Laurel Gets a Voice Lesson from Mariam Haddad

Laurel Gets a Voice Lesson from Mariam Haddad When you are in pain, you do something about it. And I’ve been in pain for a while and I found an expert to help me figure it out! Welcome back Mariam Haddad. Listen to the exercises she is going to take me …Read More

Reflection and Celebration Part 2 – Cult v Movement

Reflection and Celebration Part 2 – Cult v Movement Sometimes our reflection challenges us to change a perspective. Sometimes, it actually solidifies one. As I listened to Ms. Loretta Ross on “On Point” both happened. She gave a fantastic definition of …Read More

Reflection and Celebration

Reflection and Celebration We made it to December! Normally I’m speaking of preparation for the next year, but this year, it seems like a good time to reflect on the past year and celebrate some successes. Just as there is always something to be gratef …Read More

The Power of Gratitude

The Power of Gratitude There is power in gratitude. Yes, there is science behind how our neurotransmitters are strengthened by the practice of gratitude and how stress is relieved, and sleep is enhanced. But gratitude is more than a brain exercise. It …Read More

Speaking Truth to Power

Speaking Truth to Power Speaking Truth to Power is about 3 key things: information, inclusion and service.  You have important, potentially critical information. The culture needs to be such that your perspective is included. And the sharing of the inf …Read More

My ‘Aha’ Moment – An Interview with Sherri McManus

My ‘Aha’ Moment – An Interview with Sherri McManus There is power in taking a pause and evaluating or re-evaluating your situation. And sometimes, we are forced to take a pause. That’s what happened to Sherri McManus. And her pause led her to not only …Read More

Let’s Talk About Power

Let’s Talk About Power We toss around the word “power” a great deal. But what does it really mean? Does everyone have power? Is power only given or is it earned? What does it really mean to “stand in your power?” For the month of November, the theme is …Read More

Self-Awareness as a Key to Self-Care

Self-Awareness as a Key to Self-Care Self-care is not selfish. But if self-care is a challenge for you, I give you a quote from my dear friend Holly Dowling: “you have to be a little selfish in order to be selfless.” And being self-aware enables us to …Read More