Welcome to The Rutledge Perspective Podcast! I started this podcast to talk about the revelations I had during my corporate career and as I’ve been building my business. Revelations about showing up. Insights about stepping into your power by being REALLY CLEAR about who you are, where you are, what you want and what it’s going to take to get there. The goal is for YOU to know that you are absolutely not alone. And that you always have a choice.

The episodes are short and sweet and deep enough to give you something to ponder. There are also interviews with some amazing women who have incredible stories and great advice for you. So whether your are building a business or building a career (not mutually exclusive), this podcast is for you. And if you are in your sweet spot, it’s still for you! Subscribe to the podcast, give us a rating, send me some comments (I really do use them for the development and improvement of content). Thank you for listening!

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The Signs are Everywhere

The Signs are Everywhere How do you know when you need to stop and regroup? What are the signs or the “gut instinct” that gets your attention to redirect your actions to your aligned purpose? It’s all about being self-aware enough to stop yourself in y …

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Check Your Surroundings

Check Your Surroundings How do you feel when you walk into your home? Your office? Your backyard? Or onto your balcony or patio? Do you feel peace? Do you feel comfort and safety? Do you feel heaviness? How your environment makes you feel directly impa …

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The Language of Alignment

The Language of Alignment There is so much power in shifting our perspective in order to get aligned with who we are and where we are. And that alignment enables us to know what we want and plan how to make it happen. But, if we are not willing to watc …

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It’s Not About Willpower

It’s Not About Willpower I often wonder why our language is so harsh and so focused on “forcing” things. Having willpower is warding off the unseen forces of evil…to be dramatic. But why do we talk about willPOWER and not willINGNESS to do things? That …Read More

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power Knowledge. Is. Power. Learning about something does NOT automatically make you that thing. Knowledge is the basis upon which ideas are born and perspectives gained and opinions set. Talking about the hard things doesn’t give the hard …Read More

Interview with Jen Marples

Interview with Jen Marples Some times you have to break it all the way down in order to build it back up! My guest reached a point where she realized the people most important to here were not getting the best of her. And that was unacceptable. But bre …Read More

Community is Power

Community is Power What does it really mean to be in community? It means serving in a way that can harness collective energy to make a bigger impact. Community is about connection. Communities tend to exist to support and uplift their members and creat …Read More

Turning Passion into Action

Interview with Danielle P Jeter – Turning Passion into Action Sometimes, you see the possible outcomes and decide to take action to impact them. That’s what myguest did. Graduating during the recession, she started her business as a senior at Spellman …Read More

Identify Your Real Goal

Identify Your Real Goal When we are not clear on the REAL goal, we are willing to jump at any shiny new opportunity. We takein information without appropriate discernment. What is your REAL goal and do your actions move youtowards or away from it. And, …Read More

Seize the Exceptional 2.0

Seize the Exceptional 2.0 This episode from June 2021 captures thoughts and feelings we are still having. And the ever present need to be willing to change our perspective! Change is difficult. It’s difficult because we get comfortable  with the famili …Read More

If It Feels Like Obligation, Is It Still Service?

If It Feels Like Obligation, Is It Still Service? Does service always have to “feel good?” and are obligations always bad. Well, there are no absolutes, so on the surface: no. However, how we perceive obligation directly impact when and how we serve an …Read More

Awareness, Kindness, and Courageous Decisions

Awareness, Kindness, and Courageous Decisions Know yourself so you can show up confident and clear. Understand that it is NOT unkind to be clear. Know that it is not the decision, it’s the solution that is the ultimate goal. Keeping these three things …Read More

YOU are Your Best Bet

YOU are Your Best Bet You can count you YOU. And don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. Our environments, especially our corporate environments, can often lead us to thinking we are incapable or unintelligent. Worst, case, that we are crazy or unabl …Read More

Give Yourself Some Grace

Give Yourself Some Grace We all have days or weeks or MONTHS where we question what we are doing and if we are where we are supposed to be. It’s ok. What we also do is often fail to extend the same grace to ourselves that we extend to others. When we n …Read More