Welcome to The Rutledge Perspective Podcast! I started this podcast to talk about the revelations I had during my corporate career and as I’ve been building my business. Revelations about showing up. Insights about stepping into your power by being REALLY CLEAR about who you are, where you are, what you want and what it’s going to take to get there. The goal is for YOU to know that you are absolutely not alone. And that you always have a choice.

The episodes are short and sweet and deep enough to give you something to ponder. There are also interviews with some amazing women who have incredible stories and great advice for you. So whether your are building a business or building a career (not mutually exclusive), this podcast is for you. And if you are in your sweet spot, it’s still for you! Subscribe to the podcast, give us a rating, send me some comments (I really do use them for the development and improvement of content). Thank you for listening!

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Interview with Nicole Walker

Interview with Nicole Walker Whew! This interview is JUICY! Nicole Walker drops some serious wisdom about doing it afraid, thepower of ignorance (it’s a thing), connections and relationships, and being willing to shift perspective towhat you are really …

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Interview with Melynda Benlemlih

Interview with Melynda Benlemlih Sometimes circumstances move us into spaces we were meant to be in all along. But that doesn’t mean we are immediately comfortable in those spaces. But as my guest, Melynda Benlemlih discusses, understanding the discomf …

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Interview with Shinika Crawley

Interview with Shinika Crawley We are talking money! But not just money, about money and IMPACT! My incredible guest, Shinika Crawley knows what it means to dig deep into where you are to get everything you need to move into where you want to be. The s …

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Becoming an Action Figure

Becoming an Action Figure It is easy to get intimidated watching others make these BIG moves. But action is not all about the superhero moment. Being in action starts with small steps. Steps ordered by your clear vision and aligned purpose. What is imp …Read More

For the Love of Learning

For the Love of Learning We have to shift our perspective that learning something is a blight on our character as we get older. There is ALWAYS something to learn. We also have to be willing to give ourselves space to see that learning as information a …Read More

That Enemy Called Mindset

That Enemy Called Mindset We can be our own worst enemy. And we must keep our “enemies” close. Why? Because then we know they are playing the game. Get really clear on recognizing when your mindset is running game on you and move accordingly. In whatev …Read More


Time Who knew that time could be a component of a scarcity mindset. You are focused on abundance. You know there is plenty for everyone. You have dreams and goals. You DON’T have enough TIME to make it all happen! But is that really true? While time is …Read More

What is Your Strategy

What is Your Strategy If a goal without a plan is just a wish then the key to goal achievement is the development of a clear strategy. What are you going to do and how are you going to flex along the way when necessary? AND, when are you going to make …Read More

Could Woulda Shoulda Didn’t

Could Woulda Shoulda Didn’t The whole point of reviewing past outcomes is to LEARN what you could have, should have or would have done differently if you’d had different information. It is NOT to turn the evaluation into an opportunity to weaponize mis …Read More

Fear is a Good Thing

Fear is a Good Thing It’s not about being fearless. Fear is a necessary survival tactic in assisting us in recognizing and responding to threats. But it doesn’t have to rule our thoughts and actions. If we shift our perspective to using fear to inform …Read More

It’s Not About Willpower

It’s Not About Willpower I often wonder why our language is so harsh and so focused on “forcing” things. Having willpower is warding off the unseen forces of evil…to be dramatic. But why do we talk about willPOWER and not willINGNESS to do things? That …Read More

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power Knowledge. Is. Power. Learning about something does NOT automatically make you that thing. Knowledge is the basis upon which ideas are born and perspectives gained and opinions set. Talking about the hard things doesn’t give the hard …Read More

Interview with Jen Marples

Interview with Jen Marples Some times you have to break it all the way down in order to build it back up! My guest reached a point where she realized the people most important to here were not getting the best of her. And that was unacceptable. But bre …Read More

Community is Power

Community is Power What does it really mean to be in community? It means serving in a way that can harness collective energy to make a bigger impact. Community is about connection. Communities tend to exist to support and uplift their members and creat …Read More