Welcome to The Rutledge Perspective Podcast where we help you get out of your rut or talk you back off the ledge. Surviving corporate America any career choice, for that matter, is not easy, but it is doable with the right tools and insights. Using my expertise in human resources and consulting, I have curated content to address challenges that arise in the career and leadership space. We will discuss topics like knowing who is really in your corner, having the courage to speak out when something just isn’t right, investing in your own development with or without corporate sponsorship, choosing your words carefully and many other topics. I will also interview some interesting regular people who have made it through successfully. Life is way too amazing to be stuck in confusion and misery! Subscribe to the podcast, give us a rating, send me some comments (I really do use them for the development and improvement of content). Thank you for listening!

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You Gotta Do YOU

You Gotta Do YOU Your vision of what you want and how you want to do it is PERFECT! You know what you want to deliver. You know where your gifts are and how you want to utilize them. The challenge is getting support in the execution of the what. Why? B …

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Believe It’s Possible

Believe It’s Possible What would happen if you believed deeply that what you wanted were possible? When we doubt the possibility, we leave room for comparison to everyone else’s achievements – or at least what they let us see of them. But if we get sol …

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Words without Behavior are Dead

Words without Behavior are Dead I’m not sure when the selection of an annual word started. I’m sure I was late to the party whenever it was. After having selected words for a few years, what has become evident is that it’s not the word that’s the drivi …

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Your Ripple Effect

Your Ripple Effect Have you thought lately about how your actions can impact far beyond your immediate visions or knowledge? Your actions indeed have a ripple effect. What’s amazing is that the ripples can reach farther than we even know and impact peo …Read More

What Makes a Legacy?

What Makes a Legacy? Legacy is a funny thing. We think we have to be rich or famous or somehow bigger than life to have one. Or we have to have offspring to hand things down to. But legacy is so much more than that. Legacy is about IMPACT. What will pe …Read More

Why Perspective Matters

Why Perspective Matters Perspective enables us to see multiple sides of a situation. It helps us to operate in the gray when we want to live in black and white because is seems safer. Through perspective, we can get clear and make definitive decisions …Read More

Technical Expertise vs. Leadership Expertise

Technical Expertise vs. Leadership Expertise Leadership is not for the faint of heart. And having a “leadership position” shouldn’t be seen and the measurement of success. This leads to many people who have no desire to lead and many others who have no …Read More

Managing Expectations 2021

Managing Expectations 2021 Whew! Unmet expectations are a killer! As we approach the end of the year, it is important that we manage our expectations of ourselves and of others in order to manage our emotional response to them. It is also important tha …Read More

Persistence is a Game Changer

Persistence is a Game Changer Persistence is a superpower. In the madness of making things happen, we often focus on our resilience and consistency, but we rarely talk about how our persistence serves as a foundation for achievement. For in the persist …Read More

Leadership is About Solutions

Leadership is About Solutions We seem to have it all wrong! Leadership is not about the ANSWERS. Leadership is about PROVIDING SOLUTIONS. Too often we get caught up in the standard process or the “we’ve always done it that way.” We fail to pause, liste …Read More

Don’t Push. Just Pause.

Don’t Push. Just Pause. Sometimes pushing is the wrong thing to do. It can lead to injury. It can lead to the diminishing returns. It can lead to burn out, frustration, anxiety. While we need to exercise our resilience, that resilience is often grounde …Read More

Grounded in Appreciation

Grounded in Appreciation How often to you pause to appreciate everything you have done to get to where you are? How often do you say “thank you” to YOU for your grit and resilience? As we move through this gratitude month, take some time to show apprec …Read More

Interview with Jacqueline Wales

Interview with Jacqueline Wales Fear does not have to be debilitating. In fact, fear can be a driver in moving you forward. JacquelineWales has spent her career studying human behavior and the impact fear has on success. She knows thatfearlessness is n …Read More

Clarify the Caution. Subdue the Fear.

Clarify the Caution. Subdue the Fear. Fear in and of itself is not bad. It keeps us on our toes. But, when taken to an extreme, it can prevent us from moving forward. Tapping into caution as a bellwether for action is a way to move forward with awarene …Read More

A Magnificent Mess

A Magnificent Mess It’s been a “messy brain” kind of month already. But this show is all about “perspective” so we are finding the power in the mess. The reality is that sometimes what we feel is messy is what makes us really good at what we do. It’s o …Read More