Welcome to The Rutledge Perspective Podcast! I started this podcast to talk about the revelations I had during my corporate career and as I’ve been building my business. Revelations about showing up. Insights about stepping into your power by being REALLY CLEAR about who you are, where you are, what you want and what it’s going to take to get there. The goal is for YOU to know that you are absolutely not alone. And that you always have a choice.

The episodes are short and sweet and deep enough to give you something to ponder. There are also interviews with some amazing women who have incredible stories and great advice for you. So whether your are building a business or building a career (not mutually exclusive), this podcast is for you. And if you are in your sweet spot, it’s still for you! Subscribe to the podcast, give us a rating, send me some comments (I really do use them for the development and improvement of content). Thank you for listening!

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The Power of Making Meaningful Connections

The Power of Making Meaningful Connections Have you ever heard the expression, “it’s not what you know but who you know?” Well, I’m here to tell you that this statement is partly true. Networking and connections are important but it’s meaningful connec …Read More

Imperfection Has Value: How to Use it to Your Advantage

Imperfection Has Value: How to Use it to Your Advantage Let’s discuss the value of imperfection. We often get caught up in a cycle of perfectionism when it comes to succeeding in life. We strive to not make any mistakes, to get everything right the fir …Read More

Why Price Does Not Always Reflect Value

Why Price Does Not Always Reflect Value Are you an entrepreneur, coach, or consultant that struggles with pricing your products or services? Maybe, you’re an employee that has had difficulty negotiating a raise. If you wear any of these hats, this is t …Read More

The Importance of Defining Your Own Self Value

The Importance of Defining Your Own Self Value Don’t overthink this, you are valuable! You’re not valuable because of your job, your title, or your income, you’re valuable simply because you exist. If you do not clearly define your own value, external …Read More

You Are Good Enough

You Are Good Enough Happy YOU year 2023! This year, we are going to start with a statement of truth: You ARE Good Enough! On these grounds, you will have the foundation to go after whatever it is you want with humility, clarity, and confidence. Knowing …Read More

The Signs are Everywhere

The Signs are Everywhere How do you know when you need to stop and regroup? What are the signs or the “gut instinct” that gets your attention to redirect your actions to your aligned purpose? It’s all about being self-aware enough to stop yourself in y …Read More

Check Your Surroundings

Check Your Surroundings How do you feel when you walk into your home? Your office? Your backyard? Or onto your balcony or patio? Do you feel peace? Do you feel comfort and safety? Do you feel heaviness? How your environment makes you feel directly impa …Read More

The Language of Alignment

The Language of Alignment There is so much power in shifting our perspective in order to get aligned with who we are and where we are. And that alignment enables us to know what we want and plan how to make it happen. But, if we are not willing to watc …Read More