About Me

Yes, I’m a former senior executive focused in HR with certifications and global experience…

Blah blah blah.

You can see all that on my LinkedIn profile. What’s more important is that I am a black woman who successfully ran the gauntlet for nearly 30 years.

I Fought the battles.

I Managed the conflict.

I Lifted folks up.

I Called folks out.

I Made things right where I could.

I Spoke truth to power (consequences be damned).

I gave it ALL “at the office,” and I lost my ever-lovin’ mind trying to make sure our actions and words aligned. It was exhausting trying to get folks to “get it” who were simply more comfortable with the way things had always been (despite saying they wanted different).

I finally had enough! So, I got out.

I got out so YOU could benefit from what I learned. I got out to serve bigger. I got to help you run that gauntlet with clarity, conviction and compassion. I got out to help you stay in and not lose yourself if that’s your desire. I got out so that you can see leaving as a decision, not a failure.

So, yeah. I know some stuff. And I’ve done some stuff, too.

What’s actually important here is that so have you! That’s what this space is about — YOU! Me using all I’ve got to help you use all you’ve got to get what you want.

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