“The Fear of Change is Real. Ignoring that is Detrimental.” Interview with Hang Bower

April 30, 2020

“The Fear of Change is Real. Ignoring that is Detrimental.” Interview with Hang Bower

Hang Bower is an experienced Senior Human Resources Executive who, taking her own advice, decided to take a leap into what makes her soul sing: matching great candidates with great companies. You will hear her guidance on being true to yourself when and if you decide to make a move and on how companies can get clearer on the talent they are truly seeking – including having the courage to diversify their talent pools for better company performance.


About the Guest:

Hang Bower is CEO & co-founder of Ethos Consulting LC and leads the firm’s executive search and talent management practice. Clients have called upon Hang for help in the areas of organizational design and restructure, succession planning, executive search, recruiting process outsourcing management, assessment of leaders, culture, and engagement strategies. Hang serves a diverse group of clients comprised of Fortune 500, mid-cap, and emerging growth companies across multiple industries. Hang is passionate about creating effective, diverse, and collaborative teams to drive engagement and retention for her clients.

Hang also serves on the Board of Directors for Houston’s non-profit Human Resources Leadership Network (HRLN), founded in 2017, and focused on information sharing and development of top Human Resources leaders in Houston

Previous Experience

Prior to Ethos Consulting, Hang was a Chief HR Officer and Diversity Chair for a mid-cap professional services firm and Vice President and Managing Director for two executive search firms. Hang has spent her career focusing on creating diverse teams and helping executive leaders propel their businesses forward by placing their most influential leadership positions.

Expertise and Industries Served

Talent Management, Manufacturing, Energy and Natural Resources, Oilfield Services, Professional Services, Technology, Human Resources Culture and Engagement, Organizational Design, Leadership Development, Assessments, Career Development, Succession Planning Education, Energy, Healthcare, Industrial Services, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Professional Services, Retail, Technology.

Hang graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with her bachelor’s degree then went on to earn her M.A. in Human Resources Management from the University of Houston. Most weekends, Hang is spending time with her family, which includes her rescue dogs and watching her nephews play both college and high school basketball.

Personal Links

Web: www.ethospractice.com


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