New to coaching and ready to take that step?

This comprehensive three-month program enables you
to discover and use what drives you to navigate any situation.

Does it feel like it is time for a change?
Are you clear on what you want but are not sure how to get there?
Are you debating whether or not you are where you are supposed to be?
Does something just feel “off” even though you are doing what you have always done?

Is it just all too much and you just want your peace and piece of mind back?

Well, here is the good news:

You CAN get where you want to be because you are TALENTED AND CAPABLE.

You just need an objective, non-judgmental place to do the work to get there.

Welcome to my Village! Where

  • You are NOT alone
  • You are NOT crazy
  • And our favorite question is “WHY?”

The 3-month “Off of the Ledge” personal advisory program takes a deeper dive than standard coaching. Before your bi-weekly sessions even begin, you have some prework. The results of that prework set the foundation of the work we will do together. The content of each program is different because each person is different. However, the customized content follows the same structure:

• The Rutledge Perspective Tree™ – prework

• 6 Bi-weekly sessions focused on your goal, keeping the results of your prework as a “gut check”

You will end the 3 months with:

  • Clarity – your what, your why, and what it will take to get to your goal
  • Confidence – in your capabilities, direction and plan
  • Conviction – to execute your plan with an eye on your end goal

There is no need to remain in overwhelm or on automatic pilot. If you are willing to give yourself permission to get clear, then, together, we will get you