And I’m here to help you get your Mojo back! You already have the necessary skills. After all, you’ve been successful thus far! Your challenge is that your continued success is not about your skill, but about your ability to successfully navigate your environment.

With an MBA, HR certifications and nearly 30 years of domestic and global experience, I speak the language of organizations. I will use my specialized expertise in risk management, consulting and human resources (analysis and strategy) to guide you through an individualize process to find your WHY and develop a plan to get to your goal – without losing yourself in the process!

I would not have had the success I had without and amazing personal and professional Village! I founded and created The Rutledge Perspective ™ and Out of Your Rut, Off of the Ledge ™ to give you a Village. In my Village, there is no judgement so bring your authentic self to the table and show everyone how amazing you are!

Get Access to your FREE audio“Where’s My Mojo?” 

How to recognize when you are running away or moving towards something.


• Start to identify the season you are in Professionally or personally.
• Understand how that season is impacting your behaviors and energy.
• Get key questions to ask yourself on the road to getting out of your rut or off of the ledge.

Let’s Work Together

If you are successful but feel like you are stagnating or losing steam.
If what you are doing is not exciting or challenging anymore.
If you feel you are no longer learning, just fighting the same old fires.
If you are losing sleep or feel like you are meeting yourself coming and going.
If you are just exhausted of the daily grind/fight and know that something’s got to give.

I’ve been there…and I made it…and I can help you do the same.


30 minute call to explore your options with Laurel. This is your “mini session.”


A comprehensive, one-time session to aid you in tackling as single, urgent pain point.


New to coaching & ready to take that step? In this comprehensive three-month program discover & use your authenticity to navigate any situation.



“Whether you have recently finished school or are a seasoned professional knowing the steps to take to accomplish your life and career goals can be challenging. Laurel Rutledge has the knowledge and skills to guide your decision-making and action planning processes. Laurel’s greatest talent is her ability authentically engage you through active listening and questioning as she constructs personalized and contextualized supports that move you towards fulfilling your life’s purpose.”

– A. Landrum
Principle Consultant, Assessments, Colorado Department of Education


“Laurel Rutledge is the complete package. She has beauty inside and out, wicked intelligence and focused ambition. Laurel always imparts knowledge when you are in her presence and the great thing about that is she doesn’t even realize it. She is that person who makes you better just by knowing her.”

V. Hawkins
Special Education Administrator


“Laurel’s the person I turn to when I need honesty, encouragement, and a deep understanding of an issue that I’m confronting. Laurel’s the type of person that believes in you more often than you even believe in yourself, and she helps you understand how to change the story that you tell about yourself into one that’s powerful, authentic, and successful. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Laurel’s continuous support, encouragement, and belief that I could achieve my dreams and follow my passion.”

L. Panagides
CEO Leap into Leadership


“I have relied upon Laurel’s guidance and coaching throughout my career. Her insights and direction are always on target as she coached me through a number of job changes, helping me to stay focused on the advantages instead of the difficulties. With my professional changes, I have found it is important to have someone to talk to on the outside, for both the perspective and encouragement. Laurel is this person for me.”

E. Staunton
PhD, Senior HRIS Analyst


Book a complimentary session and you’ll gain the clarity on your goals and find out how to truly unleash your mojo.

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