The Power of Reciprocity – An Interview with Kyra Hardwick

June 3, 2020

The Power of Reciprocity – An Interview with Kyra Hardwick

Kyra’s story is about taking charge of a situation and her life, to build a successful company and a life that reflects her beliefs. Not only does she run a successful non-profit, but her consulting firm, The Kyra Company, is seen as a top partner aligning people and processes for sustainable profitability. She understands the importance of having a clear business strategy, but more importantly, how a clear life strategy enables you to understand, acknowledge, and utilize your God-given talents in service to others.


About the Guest:

Kyra Rénel Hardwick is an operational leader, skilled in team integration, and developing process delivery methods within organizations. She possesses highly developed strategic and analytical skills with the ability to train and/or implement on multiple levels.  Kyra has established the ability to identify opportunities for profit protection as well as the opportunity to increase efficiency within the infrastructure of an organization addressing people, processes, and profitability.

Kyra is an effective communicator with a knack for developing cohesive and productive teams. She is experienced in the development of both process and policy. Kyra’s cross-functional experience provides a broad spectrum approach to addressing opportunities within an organization creating a delicate balance between people and the process.

She is skilled in delivering strategic methodology and establishing buy-in as needed, leveraging her ability to develop a network and operate as a collaborative leader. Kyra’s transparency and understanding of the necessity to cultivate alliances and resources internally/externally lend itself to the development of loyal and committed partnerships.

Kyra is a proven corporate and non-profit management leader, with exceptional customer service and operational management skills and expertise in operational leadership.


Personal Links:

Website: www.thekyracompany

FB and Twitter: TheKyraHardwick


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