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One On One

A comprehensive one-time session to aid you in tackling a single, urgent pain point.
New to coaching &ready to take that step? In this comprehensive three-month program discover & use your gift and talents to get where you want to be.

Career Transformation Group Sessions

A three-month group program to get you on your way to your next move.

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Live Virtual Summit

Leadership Transformation Group Sessions

A six-month group program to take you through team building and development.

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Live Virtual Summit

“A great PEOPLE strategy starts with a good BUSINESS strategy.”

Laurel Rutledge

The Custom Consultation starts with YOU. Whether you are looking to shore up your process or you are taking your team and leadership to the next level, we will work together to design a program or project that gets you the answers that you need.

Each customized project begins with a clear understanding of your strategy and objectives upon which everything else is built-including your people and team strategy.

Some examples of areas covered:

Organization Review:
Structure design, role clarity, leadership assessments and execution review, communication strategies, overall resource strategy

HR Assessment and Review:
handbooks, policies and procedures, practices

Employee Management Processes

Pay Practices review

An ON DEMAND resource for small business owners and solopreneurs beginning to build their teams. Designed to be a place to start in the people & human resources management area.

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