Nothing You Have Done is a Waste of Time: Interview with Lucy Hutchings Hunt

March 18, 2020

Lucy Hutchings Hunt is the CEO and Founder of Systemyzed, Host of Live the Change Podcast and Creator of the Certified Virtual Business Managers course.  And most importantly, she has found a way to live the life she loves doing the work she loves.  The road has not been easy and, as Lucy says, it is not linear. But it is a road worth traveling to pursue that which has been Divinely Downloaded for you. Take a listen to how she came through to be who she is today.

About The Guest:

“Lucy is a heart-led ‘Business Growth Architect’. She mixes vision, humanity & technology to unleash her clients entrepreneurial potential” She is the CEO of Digital Agency SYSTEMYZED, the creator of the Certified Virtual Business Managers course and Host of the Live The Change Podcast Lucy is committed to helping clients reach their unique potential in life and business. Her gift is seeing the brilliance in people when they can’t see it themselves or haven’t given themselves permission to see it yet. She also loves helping to solve complex business ‘positioning’ problems and working out big-picture solutions. Personal Development combined with Brave Branding and ‘long-game’ Lean Digital Strategy™ is what Lucy specialises in. She doesn’t want to see clients ‘flash in the pan’. She wants to see them grow and thrive; viably, organically and enduringly. She helps people go from strained to strong in their businesses by empowering them to build firm, holistic foundations for growth. She does this using a combination of tried and tested coaching tools, proven digital marketing strategies and expert business systems consultancy. With a specific focus on business, Lucys supports clients as they work through a transformation and sustainably step into their ‘best business selves’. On a personal level, She has been through the life mill in her 3 (and a bit) decades. This helps her identify with lots of issues that often hold people back in life and business. She has suffered from mental and hormonal health issues including, depression, PMDD, PTSD and (through the ages of 11 to 23) She endured a crazy-making, all-consuming eating disorder that marred her youth. She is also a proud, recovering alcoholic in a Twelve Step recovery programme. At times these illnesses threatened to completely derail her, if not put an early end to her. But with work and age, she has learned to accept and live with them as well as positively channel her addictive personality. With the help of some great mentors and coaches, Lucy has worked through her issues and forged (a sometimes rocky path) to recovery and personal growth. She has lived to tell the tale and thrive in business as the CEO of her successful Digital Marketing & Web Development agency SYSTEMYZED™, become a proud mother of three and – perhaps most importantly – be grateful to be someone who has peace of mind whilst being well enough to help others. Lucy’s Certified Virtual Business Managers™ course is the product of years of her own entrepreneurial ‘blood, sweat and tears’ and she is extremely proud to offer it. It is the ideal introductory programme for those who wish to own and operate a successful, flexible, laptop-ready, virtual business. Lucy aims to furnish attendees with a standardised, high level of general digital expertise that prepares them for and launches them into the world of virtual, self employment with confidence, security and pride.

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