My ‘Aha’ Moment – An Interview with Sherri McManus

November 11, 2020

My ‘Aha’ Moment – An Interview with Sherri McManus

There is power in taking a pause and evaluating or re-evaluating your situation. And sometimes, we are forced to take a pause. That’s what happened to Sherri McManus. And her pause led her to not only a deeper connection to her purpose, but a clearer vision of how leadership behavior has a direct mental, physical and emotional impact on employees. She is taking this vision and helping leaders make a direct connection between their behaviors and desired outcomes to transform not only their businesses, but their lives.

About the Guest:

Sherri McManus, Chief Operating Officer

Sherri has a Master’s in Organizational Management, and 19 years in management, training, teaching, and coaching. She has skilled and seasoned experience with personal and professional development. 

Sherri is a Certified Executive Leadership coach and Corporate trainer and is instrumental in connecting The Lou Everett Group to you and your personal and professional needs. She is also a Certified Trainer in The Maxwell DISC Method of human behavior analysis.

Originally is from Hyde Park, NY and currently resides in Willow Spring, NC with her husband Lou Everett of 14 years and two dogs. She has two grown step-children ages 23 and 21.

One of Sherri’s passions is telling her personal and inspirational near-death story on the result of poor leadership in hopes of positively impacting the Leadership landscape. 

Sherri’s passion is seeing that ‘ah-ha’ moment in the eyes of those she trains and coaches – truly Transforming Lives!

The Lou Everett Group 

 “Our mission is to Transform Lives by serving people and businesses through empowerment speaking, leadership and business coaching, training, and personal development.”

As seasoned leadership coaches and trainers with over four decades of combined experience we love serving people and companies throughout their growth transitions. Regardless if you are a solopreneur or at the C-Suite level, Leadership is Influence. Nothing more, nothing less.

We are your thinking partner offering dedicated and customized continuity plans that are designed to, not only resolve your current struggle, but provide proactive support, training and accountability with the goal of avoiding negative impacts on the growth of your business. Our clients have experienced measurable return, increased productivity, and up to 200% revenue growth.


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