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This is your journey



So crazy, busy or exhausted? Have no idea where to start? 


You’ve just found it! Getting Grounded is a 5-day alignment exercise to help identify what it is that grounds you. What are the roots that need to be nurtured? What is it that will make your soul sing? Each day, you will receive an insightful question to answer that will GROUND you for your journey to the life, business, career you want. And I’ll be here to guide you through with a short, daily, LIVE session when you have questions or just need a confidante who’s cheering for you!

At the end of the exercise, you’ll be ready to start tackling the hard part of defining your Vision.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to get crystal clear about your life? Not just a dream – a VISION of what you really want and need to step into your power.  

You KNOW what you’re doing now isn’t it. But how do you know what “IT” is?

You attend the “Clarify Your Vision” Masterclass. 

The LIVE 1.5-hour Masterclass is where I’ll give you the tools and hold the space for you – plus provide that outside perspective that will deliver the clarity you’ve been craving to finally move forward.

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Now the work begins and the magic happens.
You are Grounded (Aligned). And you know what you want (Vision).

Now we move you into Action.

The Empowered Action Academy is a 3-month, small group (10-12) program held 4 times a year for women ready to activate their empowered selves to get the business, career and/or life they want. If you are ready to do the work, click the button to get some more details and apply for the next cohort.

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