It’s Not Just About Perfecting Your Craft, But How You Convey Your Message – An Interview with Mariam Haddad

October 28, 2020

It’s Not Just About Perfecting Your Craft, But How You Convey Your Message – An Interview with Mariam Haddad

We often distinguish between “Creatives” and “Scientists.” But today’s guest is the personification of the blending of both. As a classically trained performer, Mariam has a perspective on how we show up that challenges our “practice makes perfect” paradigm. Instead, it’s about practicing in a way that turns knowledge into skill and new skill into skills that can be trusted to support showing up full out. And in showing up confidently, you are more likely to make the impact you desire.

About the Guest:

Mariam Haddad – CEO & Founder, The Performance Communication Company
Entrepreneur, Classical artist, Lyricist, Storyteller, Reinventionist (that is a term)
On the way to our dreams, life happens. What you do with what happens… is what matters most.
Life called Mariam to re-invent herself multiple times, to persevere as well as to be creative in converting the seemingly negative into the positive gift life presented. As a result, she learned that struggle is the pathway to joy itself, helping us to come to know ourselves better and find the inner stillness from which peace is born. 

As a Syrian American who grew up on the El Paso – Mexico border steeped in American society, she learned each struggle serves as a vehicle to help find the sameness in others as well as to celebrate our differences. These diverse experiences helped her to view life as a canvas, allowing her to be God’s paintbrush in bringing new realities into being. 

“A storyteller at heart, I believe that words ARE power, words are LIFE.” 
Through her company, The Performance Communication Company, her team creates innovative, in-person and virtual learning for those who want their voices to be heard in their professional lives. Having performed throughout her career as both a classical pianist and opera singer, she brings a different view to her work with others as a communication strategist and delivery expert.

Mariam’s passion is guiding others into the expressive art of themselves to frame their brilliant ideas, passions, beliefs and life’s work and embrace the fullness of possibility as reality in the workplace and world.

Mariam has spoken and or provided services to TEDx Houston, The Business Maker’s Show, Boeing, NASA, Shell, BP, Chevron, Sinopec, The Asian Chamber of Commerce, Asia Voice Radio, The University of Houston Wolff Center and many other Fortune 500 Companies. 


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