“It’s Not a Failure or a Step Back, It’s a Downshift” – An Interview with Allison Dyer

August 19, 2020

“It’s Not a Failure or a Step Back, It’s a Downshift” – An Interview with Allison Dyer

Allison has mastered the pivot! She has 20+ years in marketing strategy and business. She built a 7 figure consulting firm, an online platform to help business owners understand true drivers of revenue generation. She recently took on a new corporate role to continue learning, growing, building and serving. Allison isn’t afraid to make the hard decisions and take calculated risks. And THAT, not just her incredible achievement, was what made her an attractive candidate in her new role. 


About the Guest:

Allison Dyer is the Founder and CEO of The Revenue Academy, a seasoned revenue marketing strategist and business consultant. She has worked in marketing, sales and strategic consulting roles for over 20+ years. She has worked with companies like Boeing, Honeywell, Sprint, Exxon, Aramark and Microsoft. She has run her own consulting practice for 4+ years working with smaller companies to build and deploy the infrastructure required to operate successful revenue marketing programs. She worked at Marketo, an Adobe Company, in enterprise sales for 5 years, where she fell in love with helping teams align and succeed in the evolving landscape of marketing and sales. She has been a Vistage member in the Portland OR chapter for 5 years and has developed a proprietary Revenue Maturity Model that she uses in her consulting practice to establish a revenue maturity score and baseline with her customers. This allows her to identify key areas of opportunity for teams to excel together and also pinpoints areas of weakness where investments in education and training are needed to equip teams with the skills they need to excel in areas of customer connection and revenue generation.

In December of 2019, she recognized that her family needed more stability and she needed more corporate exposure and experience to take her online products and programs to the next level. She sought out her next role, was very picky and is now serving as a Principal Strategy Consultant for the fast growing San Francisco technology company Rollworks, a division of Next Roll. She is working closely with their largest customers as they grow into the Account Based Marketing technology leader.

She currently lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and 3 kids, but is originally from Houston, Texas.

The Revenue Academy by Intersekt:


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