Interview with Special Guest Holly Dowling

October 14, 2019

Holly Dowling is an award-winning global speaker and inspirational thought leader on topics including empowerment, leadership, engagement, and finding your passion and living it!!

Much of where she’s been, influences where she is today. Starting her career as a cruise director in Tahiti, she gained valuable experience and training in entertaining, connecting, and inspiring diverse audiences. While that experience fueled her love of international travel, she was able to travel domestically, representing Lee jeans as their national spokesmodel and went on to represent other brands in television and print advertising.

About the Guest:

Holly is engaging and approachable—and entrepreneurial— building a business using her gifts to train and inspire corporate audiences to achieve higher levels of performance through hands-on and interactive learning experiences. It was a winning combination….. or so she thought.

A client of hers convinced her to join their international brokerage firm—and with a bit of hesitation—she decided to take the leap and served as Vice-President. Although successful in achieving Presidents Club in less than half the time of her peers, and allowing her financial rewards and other accolades, she knew this career path was not her calling. Through sheer courage and a desire to honor her passions, she approached them about returning to their prior arrangement where they were her client, allowing her to focus, again, on building her own business. They agreed, and the rest is history!

Today, she is called upon repeatedly to deliver Keynote experiences, to serve as a facilitator and consultant, and to partner with organizations who are interested in achieving greater results through investing in people as unique individuals. Her loyal client base is a “who’s who” of well-known global companies, including: IBM, Microsoft, Hilton, Deloitte, Cisco, GAP, Mercedes-Benz, Facebook, The United Nations Foundation, The Marcus Buckingham Company, Wells Fargo, Santander Bank, Accenture, Disney, ESPN, and many other amazing partners.

Additionally, Holly is an author of an inspirational book called “Hollyisms” –a collection of short quotes and she is also known worldwide for her weekly podcast called “A Celebration of You” – a mission to showcase interesting people from all over the world who are leading their lives with courage and grace, whose amazing stories provide hope & inspiration. She is the proud recipient of both two Silver Stevie Awards for Women in Business & The American Riviera Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2016.

Through her leadership and management experiences, she continues to engage and inspire audiences around the world— encouraging each of us to discover our untapped potential and brilliance, to live the best version of ourselves, to serve others, and to honor our own unique journey.

Holly resides in Scottsdale, AZ with her husband, Steve. They are the proud parents of three boys: Jake, Levi and Ryne, and are proud grandparents of an adorable grandson, Eli.

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