I am THRILLED to be hosting a live weekly podcast on Fireside!

Alignment, Vision, Action
brought to you by The Rutledge Perspective

Come be a part of the audience of this interactive show. Jump on the stage and on video if you like and let’s talk. The show will focus on being/getting aligned, clarifying your vision and moving into empowered action. AND I’ll have some cool guests too!

You have to request access at firesidechat.com/laurelrutledge as the creators of Fireside are intent upon keeping the community safe. Currently, the app is only on iOS devices, but the show is simulcast on my YouTube Channel and on LinkedIn. Connect with me there in the page footer.

About Fireside: Fireside, a new platform co-founded by Mark Cuban and Falon Fatemi, is the next evolution of Entertainment. It is where the world’s greatest creators go to bring the audience into the story through live, interactive, virtual shows.

Thinking about being a guest on my show: Unlike a podcast interview or live event, as a guest on Fireside, you’ll benefit from building an audience that you can leverage for future projects. Additionally, the recording of the show will be available for additional promotion and audience building. Click on the button below to apply to be a guest.