5 Secrets Summit

3-Day Summit: The 5 Secrets to
Career Transformation

April 19th – 21st
6:00-7:30 pm Central

About Laurel

Laurel Rutledge is a Career and Leadership Transformation Expert. Formerly a Senior Human Resources Executive with global, multi-industry experience, she has built teams and departments, led large-scale human capital projects, and coached individuals from the plant floor to the board room. Prior to her last corporate role as the VP and Global Head of HR Strategy and Analytics, Laurel spent time in human resources, internal audit, consulting and risk management. This background proved to her that whether you are building business or building a career, it all comes down to strategy and people.

Build the career that you desire.

Join Laurel Rutledge in an interactive webinar as she guides you through the 5 secrets to building the career you envision.


WHO: The target audience for this webinar series:

Early career individuals desiring clarity on
where they want to go

Any individual in career transition

Individuals evaluation or re-evaluating career path

HOW YOU WILL LEARN: The secrets will be delivered in an interactive webinar format by a 30-year career HR executive and consultant. Participants will receive checklists, workbooks, and guidelines to be able to implement the 5 secrets on their own.

WHY: Whether you are building a business or building a career, it all comes down to strategy and people. This webinar series addresses both.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: It is always a good time to review where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there. There are 5 things that are critical to keeping in mind as you move through the process from decision through planning. There is no need to sit in frustration – get out of that rut. You are not without choices – come back off that ledge. The 5 Secrets will help ensure you have a plan and surround yourself with the village to get you there. 

5 – You are the Chief Designer of your career

4 – Choose your support system wisely

3 – Set and manage expectations, yours and others

2 – Recognize when it’s time to end or restructure a professional relationship and then do it

1 – Set a clear strategy so you can stay in the flow


We will be giving away Two 50-minute career strategy sessions and One 90-minute individual advisory session during the summit!

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