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Empowered Action Academy


The Empowered Action Academy is a group program designed to move you into action towards your stated (claried) goals. As such, it is critical that those in the cohort be focused on creating a safe environment where every member can show up at whatever point in their journey they are with no judgment. It is also important that each member be a fit for the program and ready to do the work, thus this application process. All selected participants will be required to sign a group coaching agreement prior to the start of the program.

While there are many amazing individuals of all genders, The Empowered Action Academy is designed to support persons identifying as women. If you do not identify as a woman, we thank you for your continued support of Laurel Rutledge, the Rutledge Perspective Podcast and The Rutledge Perspective radio show. We encourage you to sign up for the on-demand 30-day “Its All a Matter of Perspective” daily alignment program and follow on Laurel on social media for other opportunities to connect.

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