3-Month Career Transformation

You’ve put in your time. Earned your stripes. Paid your dues. Then why aren’t you where you want to be in your career?

Or, perhaps you’re wondering – as you’re climbing the ladder toward the ivory tower – why others seem to have found the elevator?

You may have even achieved the title you’ve always wanted – and the salary – but something is still missing.

It’s time to stop settling! Time to take your talented, brilliant, and remarkable self out of your rut, and off the ledge, and align your career for both personal meaning and professional success.

I Am Ready for Career Transformation

Change your Story

“Laurel’s the person I turn to when I need honesty, encouragement, and a deep understanding of an issue that I’m confronting. Laurel’s the type of person that believes in you more often than you even believe in yourself, and she helps you understand how to change the story that you tell about yourself into one that’s powerful, authentic, and successful. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Laurel’s continuous support, encouragement, and belief that I could achieve my dreams and follow my passion.”

L. Panagides, CEO, Leap into Leadership

The Laurel Rutledge Career Transformation 3-Month Program

Built on 30 years of research and experience, this program will give you the direction you need to reshape your career – based on your values, talents, and goals. Being ambitious has brought you this far. Let’s get you the rest of the way.

The Format

Proprietary, deep-dive assessment that is the foundation the next 90 days are built upon (and, which I guarantee will add value for the rest of your career)

Instructional material that kicks theory to the curb and focuses on real-life strategies that make an impact in your life and career

Two lively monthly group calls

Q&A – where you can ask the hard questions and get powerful answers. And, where you’ll have the opportunity to answer some hard, soul-searching questions yourself.

Kick Off meet & greet:

Monday, May 10, 2021 • 12noon Central

Bi-weekly sessions for 3 months:

Beginning Thursday, May 13, 2021 • Every 2nd & 4th Thursday • 12noon to 1pm Central

I Am Ready for Career Transformation

The Transformation

It’s All About YOU: who you are, what you want, and where you are now

Deep dive analysis, utilizing the proprietary Rutledge Perspective Tree™ assessment

The 5-Why root cause exercise, exploring the work you feel led to do

Connect your “roots” with your Rutledge Perspective Tree™ to gain the clarity needed for your career transformation




Knowledge To Guide You

“Whether you have recently finished school or are a seasoned professional, knowing the steps to take to accomplish your life and career goals can be challenging. Laurel Rutledge has the knowledge and skills to guide your decisionmaking and action planning processes. Laurel’s greatest talent is her ability to authentically engage you through active listening and questioning as she constructs personalized and contextualized supports that move you towards fulfilling your life’s purpose.”

A. Landrum, Principle Consultant, Assessments, Colorado Department of Education


Guided in-depth evaluation of the skills needed for your career destination

Gap analysis of the required skills and your current experience (what you thought was a chasm may be just a pothole)

Master the art of demonstrating “transferable skills”

Discover the key indicators that make you the candidate of choice – either for your dream job at your current company or to begin the interview process at companies aligned with your purpose




Insights and Direction

“I have relied upon Laurel’s guidance and coaching throughout my career. Her insights and direction are always on target as she coached me through a number of job changes, helping me to stay focused on the advantages instead of the difficulties. With my professional changes, I have found it is important to have someone to talk to on the outside, for both the perspective and encouragement. Laurel is this person for me.”

E. Staunton
PhD, Senior HRIS Analyst


Build out your Transformation Timeline

Compile a strategic, step-by-step transformative plan:

Identify the industries, companies and leaders to pursue (possibly within your current company as well)

Evaluation of your existing network – it’s more vast than you think

Coordinate a detailed game plan for developing relationships and garnering support – with a proven formula for making meaningful connections




Insights and Direction

“Laurel is beyond wonderful to work with, both one-on-one and in small groups. Her empathetic and compassionate approach makes everyone’s voice feel welcomed, valued and important, and you can tell she LOVES what she does, because she’s very good at it! She’s energizing to be around, she creates space for sharing and collaboration, and her collected wisdom and genuine enthusiasm for growth helped me reframe some of the goals I’ve felt stuck on, and renewed my hope for the future I really want to achieve.”

K. Carlson
Job Captain, Vida Design

Unlock your full potential during this guided, in-depth 3-month program and come away with:


of your what, your why, and how to get to your goal


in your capabilities, direction and plan


to execute your plan and achieve your full professional potential

I Am Ready for Career Transformation